Creating a pathway for men and women to liberate themselves to success after incarceration.


The Process of Success

Addiction Therapy

Emotional Intelligence Training

In-Depth Vocational Training


High Fives

"Your future is determined by who you choose to trust."

Mike Murdock


“Chosen for Success is perfect for men, women and youth in or coming out of challenging environments, who are looking to reach their level of excellence, regardless of their past. They will experience an increase in emotional wellness and stability, which will create the best version of themselves.”

Jeff “Chef Jeff” Henderson

System Impacted, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer

“I came home after 26 years in prison with a dream but no clear plan to make it a reality. Working with Rodney Taylor has been transformative for my life in the best of ways. He introduced me to the right people, resulting in job opportunities and investments into my business ventures. I can honestly say that l likely wouldn’t be as far along as I am today without Rodney’s mentorship.”

Anerae “X-Raided” Brown

System Impacted, Entertainer, and Businessman

"Doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have or don’t have... All you need to tap into is your undying passion for what you choose to do in this life, such that it becomes your "why." Call forth your relentless drive and the commitment to be and do whatever it takes to be successful in whatever you declare to create in your everyday life. This becomes your life legacy."

Robyn Williams

CEO, ChoiceCenter Leadership University

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