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Your Success Starts With A Choice

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Chosen for Success is a nonprofit organization dedicated to interrupting the patterns of poverty to reach a higher possibility of success, while incorporating self-improvement and life skills training, vocational training, and job placement services.

Our Services


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

In order to serve the Las Vegas Valley community, Chosen for Success has engaged in the development of emotional intelligence training for youth and adults in order to assist the organization's target population. Emotional intelligence training is used to assist individuals with understanding and harnessing their emotions, with the goal of increasing success in interpersonal relationships, and behaving empathetically towards others. The training offered by Chosen for Success is aimed at helping participants overcome past traumas, helping them face future obstacles, and lead successful futures. Mental health clinicians are also provided by Chosen for Success during these trainings for participants who are overcome by emotion during the course of the program and are in need of further intervention. Research has shown that understanding emotional intelligence and participating in emotional intelligence trainings are important factors related to career and financial success. As individuals are better able to communicate with others while keeping their emotions in check and maintaining composure under pressure. At the end of Chosen for Success emotional intelligence trainings, participants are asked to create a plan for their future in order to strive for success, whatever success may mean for them.


Pre-Vocational Skills 

Pre-vocational skills are aspects of the working world that should be understood and practiced prior to obtaining employment, particularly for those who strive for a successful, empowering career.  Examples of these types of skills are responsibility, time management, problem solving, critical thinking, and other soft skills that are transferrable among and between jobs.  This type of education is necessary for those who are not yet sure where their career path will take them.  Therefore the goal of pre-vocational skills training at Chosen for Success is to prepare students and clients for wherever their path may lead them with skills that are applicable in any and all workplaces.

Job Placement

After students and clients have understood their emotional health and the necessity of pre-vocational soft skills, Chosen for Success engages in job placement strategies. By leveraging various community partnerships who are both in need of trained employees and look to give back to their community by providing these opportunities.  Clients will learn how to participate in the working world and engage in hard skill building that is taught in the job market.  Job placement also allows clients to understand if their career goals remain intact once joining the workforce in their chosen field.  Competitive wages are offered to those who are placed in various community jobs in order to support themselves and their family members, and assist them in moving into the working world and carving out a place for themselves on their chosen career path.

Clients We Serve

Chosen For Success is perfect for men, women & youth in or coming out of challenging environments, who are looking to reach their level of excellence, regardless of their past. They will experience an increase in emotional wellness and stability, which will create the best version of themselves, 

Jeff "Chef Jeff" Henderson

System Impacted, Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer

I came home after 26 years in prison with a dream but no clear plan to make it a reality. Working with Chosen For Success has been transformative for my life in the best of ways.  I was introduced to the right people, resulting in employment opportunities and investments into my business ventures.  I can honestly say that I likely wouldn't be as far along as I am today without having a mentor. 

Anerae "X-Raided" Brown

Entertainer, Businessman & System Impacted

Doesn't matter where you come from, what you have or don't have...All you need to tap into is your undying passion for what you choose to do in this life, such that it becomes your "why".  Call forth your relentless drive and the commitment to be and do whatever it takes to be successful in whatever you declare to create in your everyday life. This becomes your life legacy! 

Robyn Williams

CEO, ChoiceCenter

Leadership University

Diversity Students

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,

the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill